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July 9, 2014

Indiana Didn’t Get the Memo About CO2 Causing Warming

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According to the NOAA, Indiana didn’t get the memo about CO2 causing warming




June 30, 2014

Sea Level Bulge May Just Be Vortices Bumping Into Indonesia

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Have you ever wondered about the big bulge in sea level trend to the north of Australia and east of Indonesia.

Sea Level is barely rising elsewhere.



Well … it may be that the big bulge is just newly discovered giant vortices bumping into Indonesia.

Story here. Video here.

“Enormous vortices of water, measuring 60 miles across, spin their way across the sea at a deliberate pace—3 miles per day. Oceanographers have dubbed them mesoscale eddies for their middle size, larger than a wake formed by an aircraft carrier and smaller than a gyre. Each one is like an upside down mountain of water, held together by its own rotation and extending about 3,000 feet beneath the surface. In the video above, eddies show up as red and blue dots dancing around. (Red ones spin clockwise, blue ones counterclockwise.) Just how much water gets carried around by all these eddies? The total is staggering: more than 30 times the amount dumped by all the world’s rivers into the ocean, “






June 25, 2014

NOAA USA – Maximum Temperatures Top 3 for July are 1936, 1934 and 1901

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According to the NOAA, July 1936 is now back on top as the warmest month in USA history for average temperature.

The new NOAA page allows checking of maximum Temperature.

The top 3 are 1936, 1934 and 1901. 1931, 1954 and 1930 are in the top 10 as well.










NOAA USA – July 1936 is back on top!!!!

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According to the NOAA, July 1936 is now back on top as the warmest month in USA history.

Remember when they said it was July 2012? (see below for screen shot)




You can check here (until they erase it or change their mind).




June 12, 2014

USA NOAA First 5 Months (Jan-May) Were Only Ranked 56 out of 120

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According to the NOAA the first 5 months (Jan-May) 2014 was ranked 56th out of 120 (120 = warmest) .

The cooling trend for Jan-May dates back to 1990. 2012 was the hot aberration.



These are the anomalies from the Jan-May average. It has been a cold start to the year for the East while warmer in the south west.


cag_[ Statewide Avg Temp Anomalies (average between Jan 2014 and May 2014) ]



May 30, 2014

Whitehouse Admits Warmer Weather Best For Economy

The White House admitted yesterday that warmer weather is better for the US GDP. (A very slight exaggeration on my part)

3. The first quarter of 2014 was marked by unusually severe winter weather, including record cold temperatures and snowstorms, which explains part of the difference in GDP growth relative to previous quarters. The left chart shows the quarterly deviation in heating degree days from its average for the same quarter over the previous five years. By this measure, the first quarter of 2014 was the third most unusually cold quarter over the last sixty years, behind only the first quarter of 1978 and the fourth quarter of 1976. “

There is some question whether there numbers are correct as this blog post discusses.

The NOAA suggests Q1 had the 9th lowest heating degree days (not the asserted 3rd)


Heating Degree Days 2014 Q1

But I think we can all agree that if more “Heating Degree Days” is bad for the GDP as the White House assets, then fewer “Heating Degree Days” would be better for the economy.

And therefore “Global Warming” is better for the US GDP.

We certainly don’t want to damage the economy by returning to the late 1970′s when “Heating Degree Days” went through the roof!  That would be a disaster for the US economy.


May 14, 2014

USA NOAA Mar/Apr 2014 Precipitation is Normal

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Remember when “drought was the new normal”?

According to the NOAA the first two months of spring were 0.15″ above the 1901-2000 average. In other words … Normal!



Most of the country is normal. Northwest and southeast are wetter. Middle south is drier.

cag_[ Statewide Precipitation Anomalies (accumulation between Mar 2014 and Apr 2014) ]

May 13, 2014

USA NOAA April 2014 – 3.01F Colder Than April 1925

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According to the NOAA April 2014 was ranked 75th out of 120 April’s (120 = warmest) . It was only .66F above the 1901-2000 average.

The 3rd warmest April in US history was in 1925 when it was 3.67F above the 1901-2000 average.

Other April’s warmer than 2014:  1895,1896,1906,1908,1910,1915,1925,1930,1934,1938,1941,1942,1943,1946,1948,1949 ….



May 5, 2014

NOAA Sea Ice Extent Data Hasn’t Been Update Since May 2

Update: They updated the data. The took 2 tries before it seemed ok. My post is here.

Usually the NOAA data here and here is updated each morning. It hasn’t been updated  since May 2.



April 30, 2014

The Streak – 1933/1934 and 2011/2012

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The Hockey Schtick blog brought a recent paper to my attention.

The abstract says:

A recent observation in NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center’s monthly assessment of the state of the climate was that contiguous US average monthly temperatures were in the top third of monthly ranked historical temperatures for thirteen straight months from June 2011 — June 2012. The chance of such a streak occurring randomly was quoted as (1/3)13, or about one in 1.6 million.”

I’m not going to discuss the “chances”. But I am going to simply note the following.

The NOAA ranks months temperature and precipitation based on the number of months from 1895. So 2012 was the 118th year. If a month is ranked 118 (as of 2012) then it was the warmest month from 1895 to 2012.

Using the same 12 month June to June time frame and using data from October 2012 ( before NOAA’s recent update) it took me about 10 minutes to find out a similar streak.

From June 1933 to to June 1934 8 months were ranked 100 and above. 2 of them were ranked 118.

From June 2011 to June 2012 8 months were ranked 100 and above. 1 of them was ranked 118.


year Month Rank
1933 6 118
1933 7 104
1933 9 116
1933 12 115
1934 1 114
1934 4 107
1934 5 118
1934 6 108


year Month Rank
2011 7 114
2011 8 117
2012 1 115
2012 2 104
2012 3 118
2012 4 116
2012 5 117
2012 6 107

What are the odds of that occurring 80 years apart!



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