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July 5, 2014

Nanaimo Hot and Cold Day Histograms – So Much For Extreme Weather

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You all know that the AGW cult likes to go on and on about “Extreme Weather” because the warming stopped in 1998 and they like to think the world is coming to an end and only they can save us. Just another end of the world cult.

So I thought I would look at the same data for the weather station closest to my hometown on the west coast of Canada. The data only starts in the late 1940s so there is no extreme’s from the 1930s and 1940s.

One thing to remember. The 2361 Days Over 25C number (for example) includes the 506 Days Over 30C etc.

I don’t see any increase in extreme hot days. I don’t see any increase in extreme cold days.

Aside from 2 hot days in July 2009 (matched by the 3 days in the 1960s) and 1 cold day in 2008 matched by a day in 1968 it seems to have been getting less extreme.

HotDay_Histogram_NANAIMO A - Hot Day Histogram

ColdDay_Histogram_NANAIMO A - Cold Day Histogram



November 11, 2012

BC Canada Oct 2012 – Cooling -.499C per decade last 15 years

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Using temperature stations designated as part of the “Normals” used by Environment Canada, BC is cooling at -.499C/decade for the last 15 years.

Also, if you use the same data and calculate 5 year trends working backwards from Oct 2012, BC is now 0C  which is colder than the last 4 5 year periods. The last time it was colder was 1983 Р1987.

5 year periods around 1960, 1940 and 1925 were warmer than the last 5 years.

Notice how few really cold months there have been recently compared to the past. Is that correct? Or is it part of the process. Or UHI?

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