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September 5, 2013

Greenies : Crush the Poor in Germany

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Electricity is now a luxury good in Germany thanks to evil greenies.

“more than 300,000 households a year are seeing their power shut off because of unpaid bills.”

“renewable energy subsidies redistribute money from the poor to the more affluent, like when someone living in small rental apartment subsidizes a homeowner’s roof-mounted solar panels through his electricity bill.”

“Experts believe that because of the more challenging conditions, the power offshore wind turbines generate will be consistently two to three times as expensive as on land.”

“If the government sticks to its plans, the price of electricity will literally explode in the coming years. According to a current study for the federal government, electricity will cost up to 40 cents a kilowatt-hour by 2020, a 40-percent increase over today’s prices.

(h/t P Gosselin)


If some evil mastermind had planned to bring down the western economies so that China could grow wealthy, the greenie master plan combined with the evil IPCC could not have done a better job.

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  1. J├╝rgen Trittin, Chairman of Parliamentary Group of Alliance ’90/The Greens has many times said on TV that he want’s 100% renewable energy. He is very confident that this is achievable.
    This can only lead to rolling/total blackouts or they need to build even more coal power plants.

    Comment by juergenuie — September 5, 2013 @ 1:29 PM | Reply

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