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April 18, 2012

UHI measured to be up to 4.2C in a small town in Australia

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“Deniliquin’s maximum and minimum temperatures were recorded at the Post Office from 1873 to 1971, before the station was relocated to the airport in 1984. The records from the Post Office indicate that in Deniliquin the annual average minimum temperature increased by 2.1 deg C until 1971.

However when the monitoring station was moved out of the urban area, the last 20 years of record shows that the nighttime temperature is 0.6 deg C lower than the previous 98 year average. This indicates that the urban area of Deniliquin may be warmer than its surrounding rural regions.

To test this, measurements were taken of the air temperature, wind speed and direction at seven locations along a transect on either side and through the center of the town. During February 1995, measurements in Deniliquin showed that on clear and calm nights, the town centre can be up to 4.2 deg C warmer than beyond the airport.

April 10, 2012

Wind Map – Do Cities change the wind patterns?

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The live version of this wind map is pretty cool. But notice the wind patterns going around cities. How much does the giant UHI bubble around cities alter wind patterns for miles and miles?

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