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August 14, 2015

NOAA July 2015 – USA – 2nd Wettest July in California History

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NOAA July 2015 – USA Maximum – July Was Cold

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These are the NOAA rankings by state for maximum temperatures for July 2015.

A rankingof 121 would be the highest. 1 would be the lowest.

Nevada was ranked 7th. That means only 6 July’s in Nevada were colder.

All those blue and white states had a pretty cold July.


August 12, 2015

NOAA July 2015 – USA – Below Normal For 3rd Year in a Row

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Update: Data here

According to the NOAA , Maximum temperatures in the USA were -0.77F colder than the 1901-2000 average.

1936 was ranked 121 (121 is hottest) and was 4.93F hotter than 2015.

2015 was only ranked 34.


March 9, 2015

USA – February 2015 – Avg Temp Cooling Since 1980 (for February)

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February’s in the USA have been cooling for over 30 years.

February 2015 was ranked 53 out of 121 (121 being warmest).




November 22, 2014

NOAA October 2014 – Amazing Divergence Between USA and Global

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Update: Global is LAND temperatures, not LAND and OCEAN combined because of course the USA is not an ocean.

Wow.This is NOAA Global versus NOAA USA Tmax for October only.

What an amazing divergence over the last 30 years.

When the AGW cult says the USA is only 2% of the globe, remind them that USA and Global temperatures used to track pretty closely.

NOAA Global versus NOAA USA for October as of 2014

November 15, 2014

NOAA USA Jan-Oct 2014 Max Temp – Year To Date Is Only 80th Out Of 120

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According to the NOAA Year To Date (January to October 2014) was 80th Hottest Max Temperature out of 120.


November 14, 2014

USA October 1963 Was Really, Really Hot – It Was 3.9F Hotter Than October 2014

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How hot was October 1963 in the USA?

In 1963 October was 3.9F hotter than October 2014.

20 states had the hottest max temperature ever for October. (Those marked 120)

10 states had the 2nd hottest  max temperature ever for October. (Those marked 119)

3 states had the 3rd hottest  max temperature ever for October. (Those marked 118)


So much for CO2 …






NOAA USA October 2014 Max Temp – Tied For 8th With 1927! Only 1963,1947,1950,1953,1938,1934 and 2003 Were Hotter

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Wow. According to the NOAA October 2014 was 8th Hottest Max Temperature.

Tied with 1927.

Only 1963, 1947, 1950, 1953, 1938, 1934 and 2003 Were Hotter.

October 1963 was 3.9F hotter. Sneaky global warming.

1963 73.47°F 120 6.67°F
1947 71.42°F 119 4.62°F
1950 70.72°F 118 3.92°F
1953 70.34°F 117 3.54°F
1938 70.00°F 116 3.20°F
1934 69.75°F 115 2.95°F
2003 69.71°F 114 2.91°F
1927 69.57°F 113 2.77°F
2014 69.57°F 113 2.77°F





July 9, 2014

Indiana Didn’t Get the Memo About CO2 Causing Warming

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According to the NOAA, Indiana didn’t get the memo about CO2 causing warming




March 27, 2014

IPCC admits: No evidence climate change has led to even a single species becoming extinct

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Finally!!! Everytime I argue with members of the AGW Cult they claim we are in the midst of a “great extinction”. I ask them to name 10 species. When they can’t name any, I ask for 5. They usually come up with one animal that has been hunted to extinction (which is horrible, but not AGW)

Old Prediction:

“Global warming is said to be threatening thousands of animal and plant species with extinction. That, at least, is what the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has been predicting for years.”

New Confession:

 IPCC admits that there is no evidence climate change has led to even a single species becoming extinct thus far.”

Polar Bears Are Doing Fine:

“At most, the draft report says, climate change may have played a role in the disappearance of a few amphibians, fresh water fish and mollusks. Yet even the icons of catastrophic global warming, the polar bears, are doing surprisingly well. Their population has remained stable despite the shrinking of the Arctic ice cap.”

Models Suck:

“”There is very little confidence that models currently predict extinction risk accurately,” the report notes. Very low extinction rates despite considerable climate variability during past hundreds of thousands of years have led to concern that “forecasts for very high extinction rates due entirely to climate change may be overestimated.””


(h/t Small Dead Animals)

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